Value-Based Pricing

Optimize price by demonstrating value

Combining RWD with advanced data modeling to showcase payer returns on drug investment

Value-Based Pricing Models - a customizable process that produces robust financial models to optimize pre and post-launch negotiations.

Secondary Data Services - Verpora has an extensive range of key data sources to assist with value-based pricing and contracting:

  1. VMBA - helps healthcare stakeholders align on drug prices based on value. This US database of CMS fee-for-service claims is built from individual line items to provide a high definition vista of pharmaceutical cost off-set opportunities
  2. VSTx - solves the challenges of high-cost drug usage by indication in the UK

Payer Strategy Testing - work through value-based pricing and contracting strategies with experienced, therapy-specific payers in a safe environment. Workshops allow you to understand the payer's mindset and potential consequences to access decisions, for example:

  1. Develop and critique value messages
  2. Identify potential reimbursement objections
  3. Validate pricing policy
  4. Create appropriate strategies

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