Creating powerful value-based agreements

Apply our expertise to create effective local and global value-based agreements

Product Assessment - provides a totally secure methodology for calculating how payers will value your brand at launch, allowing you to freely assess the optimal value-based pricing and contracting strategies.

Development Process - Verpora’s flagship approach to helping global and local clients develop value-based agreements. Based on a propriety process encompassing payer psychology, product assessment and data analysis, our VBA Development Process delivers contracts that are highly effective, easy to deploy and proven to work.

Implementation Toolkits - augmenting the VBA Development Process are a range of supporting services to help global and local teams effectively rollout and manage contracts:

  1. Global guidance & in-market manuals
  2. Communication materials - customer & internal
  3. Financial models
  4. Clinical evidence grids
  5. Contract management repositories

Consultancy - Verpora provides clients with dedicated resources to address specific challenges in their global or local VBA journey:

  1. Gaining organizational buy-in
  2. Designing contract development processes
  3. Developing VBA at speed & scale
  4. Improving cross-functional team effectiveness
  5. Negotiating price & contract terms
  6. Establishing real-world data strategies

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