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Human Performance Factors Programs - How can you transform inter-team working, co operation and output? Applying lessons learnt in aviation to the pharmaceutical industry, the engaging and empowering HPF Program provides through expert guidance and practical learning the tools to take teams on a journey across situational awareness, debriefing, collaborative decision making, threat/error management, speak-up and outstanding communication.

Watch HPF expert Matt Lindley on how to drive better team communication, performance and outcomes.

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Negotiation & Influence Program - Key to any successful negotiation or influence strategy is effective planning and execution. Delivered by sector-specific experts, Verpora's world-class negotiation and influence program is specifically designed to meet pharmaceutical industries challenges. The approach focuses on aligning the corporate needs of complex, matrix organizations, while simultaneously honing the delivery skills of customer-facing teams.

VBA Competency Appraisal - Verpora provides a range of assessment tools to allow individuals and organizations to benchmark their skills:

  1. Account Director Payer Resonance: assesses the influence of account directors, and the resonance of brands, in practice negotiations with payers.
  2. VBA Skills, Knowledge & Belief: assesses the readiness and progress of teams to execute value-based agreements.

Available online only

VBA Foundation Academy - Ideal for organizations wanting to provide a universal grounding in VBA. Starting from first principles, the course provides delegates with the what, why, who, where, and when of value-based agreements. This Academy is extremely popular with delegates new to VBA. Available both online and face-to-face.

VBA Development Academy - An advanced course designed to provide practical assistance in the development of value-based agreements. The Academy equips delegates with the skills to develop appropriate concepts and demonstrates how to integrate VBA across the business. The Academy can be run either on a syndicated or customized basis specific to the needs of a company. Available online or face-to-face.

Payer Negotiation Coach - A state-of-the-art program to develop the skills of Account Directors through one-to-one mentoring with experienced payers and negotiators. This unique, high-value service provides a ground-breaking way to maximize negotiation success. Available online or face-to-face.

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