Value-based Agreements deliver U.S. Patient and Caregiver Benefits: New Evidence

National and regional payers identify the real-world advantages of innovative contracts

How can innovative contracts lead to lower patient out-of-pocket costs, increase stakeholder awareness and improve treatment management?

The answers are explored in this insightful White Paper based on the results of a detailed survey of 27 national and regional payers which asked:

  • To what degree have patients and caregivers had an enhanced treatment experience because of the execution of a VBA?
  • Do VBAs lead to increased stakeholder awareness, improved treatment management, and enhanced care coordination?
  • Do payers believe that wider implementation of VBA could lead to improvements in treatment affordability and lower patient out-of-pocket costs?
  • How do national and regional payers estimate the wider implementation of VBAs could lead to improved stakeholder awareness and data sharing infrastructures?

Learn from what payers say in Understanding the Patient and Caregiver Benefit of Value-Based Agreements in the U.S. This must-read and informative White Paper has been produced by Verpora in association with the PhRMA and is available now for no-cost download.