Webinar Registration: Innovative Contracting – Latest Global Trends

12th July, 10.30am EDT / 3.30pm BST / 4.30pm CEST

Cutting-edge research for Verpora’s annual Innovative Contracting Tracker has revealed that over thirty pharmaceutical markets and twenty-nine companies are now employing some form of innovative or value-based contracting.

This insightful webinar will provide you with the latest intelligence on global strategies and trends employed by leading pharmaceutical manufacturers to maximize access for their medicines.

The one-hour webinar is ideal if you work for a pharmaceutical manufacturer and need to know...

What the latest innovative contracting trends are in EUCAN, LATAM, MENA, APAC, U.S.?
Which brands, markets and payer segments have adopted innovative contracting?
What types of contracts are being used?
How franchises are managing multi-indication challenges?
The future trends?

Based on extensive research capturing close to seven-hundred unique, non-confidential, agreements, our experts will synthesize the data, unlock the secrets and explore the very latest trends. A question and answer session will allow you to gain the detail you require.

The webinar will be held on the 12th July
10.30am EST / 3.30pm BST / 4.30pm CEST

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Speakers on this webinar

Omar Ali profile picure 

Omar Ali
Partner, Head of Payers, Verpora

As a previous pharmacy and therapeutics payer, and an adviser to NICE, Omar’s knowledge in novel contracting approaches is considerable. With extensive experience of global market access, pricing, and reimbursement, Omar leads an international team of experienced value-based contracting payers.

Omar is presently studying for his PhD in Value-Based Contracting and will bring the payer perspective to the webinar, having personally led on much of the research.

Adam Meads profile picure 

Adam Meads
Partner, Research & Analytics, Verpora

As lead Partner in Verpora’s Research & Analytics practice, Adam and his team have spent the last five-years specializing in the research, collection and synthesis of innovative contracts. This focus has led Adam to become one the industry’s global thought leaders on the activities of manufacturers and payers as they relate to value-based contracting.

Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry, Adam worked in behavioral research and decision performance for the banking and finance industry.

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About Verpora

Founded by experienced payers, human performance scientists, and commercial experts, Verpora exclusively focuses on the development and deployment of innovative contracts and value-based agreements. Services range from product suitability assessment, contract construction, organizational redesign, payer research, benchmarking services and contract negotiation.

About the Innovative Contracting Tracker

A global and U.S. benchmarking service that captures all publicly available insight on innovative contracting. Data is continuously acquired through primary and secondary market research. To date the service contains 700 contracting and value-based agreements in over 30 markets. Visit www.verpora.com to learn more about Verpora’s services